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FitCreamer® Premium Breakfast Protein™️ for coffee is a high protein, high fiber, all natural dissolving café-style créma with essence of vanilla bean and caramel.

An on-the-go morning needs a healthy start. Stir two teaspoons of FitCreamer® into a fresh cup of coffee and get 10g of protein, 3g of fiber, and just 50 calories per serving. That’s like two eggs and bran without the carbs and sugar — also known as a smarter, leaner, and faster morning routine.

Patented Process,
Premium Quality

FitCreamer® was invented by a father looking for a nutritional solution for his daughter, who was skipping breakfast as she raced to class. With her success in mind, he carefully sourced every ingredient for purity and maximum bioavailable nutrition.

  • No Soy

  • No Lactose

  • No Gluten

  • No GMOs

  • No Added Colors

  • No Preservatives

FitCreamer® protein is the gold standard for whey protein isolate. It is pure, undenatured whey protein, typically 97-98% protein on a dry weight basis, and provides 110% of the amino acid requirements specified by the World Health Organization. It’s rich in branched chain amino acids and has the highest leucine content of any known protein, essential for muscle protein synthesis.

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Smart, delicious, easy

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Unlike Anything Else

FitCreamer® dissolves instantly, doesn’t clump, and doesn’t hurt the flavor of your coffee. Unlike other products, FitCreamer’s patented formula delivers superior bioavailability — which means your body can actually absorb what you’re feeding it.

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“Mornings are stressful. Breakfast should be easy.”

— Jim Lowitz, Chief Easy Officer, Here and Now Nutrition Co.™

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